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Roland_MonumentBekonscot exists as a not-for-profit company, that raises money for needy causes and charities in the UK and abroad. Profits from Bekonscot’s operation are distributed to charities each year via the Roland Callingham Foundation and the Church Army. Covenants for charity have so far raised over £5.5 million at today’s prices.

Recipients include Helen and Douglas House as well as many local and national charities.

Because of our unique position as a tourist attraction, visitors to Bekonscot are able to give money to worthy children’s and adults’ charities, whilst preserving the world’s oldest model village for future generations to enjoy.


There has always been a strong link between the Church Army and Bekonscot. In the early years, Church Army volunteers would assist the Bekonscot staff running the model railway and village. Following the death of Bekonscot’s founder, Roland Callingham, the Church Army assisted further in the running of the village. This was formalised in 1978, when the Church Army agreed to co-manage the site and distribute the funds raised for charity.