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Bekonscot Model Village actually comprises seven little towns stuck in a 1930s timewarp. Bekonscot Town is the biggest, with the others scattered about the other 1.5 acres of gardens. Each has its own character, villagers and features – from coal mines to great castles, aerodromes to farms, docks to cable cars, racecourses to escaped convicts!

There are more than 200 buildings, 3,000 inhabitants, 1,000 animals, hundreds of vehicles and many models move right before your eyes. Stride down the High Streets and peek inside buildings – we’ve hidden hundreds of tiny details so take a second look!

Model village in Beaconsfield Bucks Chilterns

Take a look below and what you can see in each of our villages!

Greenhaily is home to Chessnade Zoo, with penguins, elephants, tigers, lions and even a chimps’ tea party! The originals of these models are over 75 years old, having been crafted from limewood by children in the New Forest. Newer ones are made from resin casts to preserve the originals.

There’s a collection of houses formerly from Ramsgate Model Village here, brought back and restored in 2003.

Look out too for:

  • Cricket on the green
  • Windmill
  • Greenhaily Station, based on Beaconsfield’s real station (listen for the announcements!)
  • Bekonbury Castle

This market town is the oldest part of the entire model village. Stride down the High Street and peek over the roofs! There’s a cinema, two railway stations, fire station, four pubs, town square, pier, marina, lifeboat station, and of course, possibly the world’s smallest Marks & Spencer.

Look out too for:

  • Terrible, terrible puns for shop names
  • Minster Church with choir inside
  • Clark College, based on Eton College
  • Escapee from the police station
  • Working Watermill

This is the famous fishing village, sheltered at the bottom of the cliffs. It’s always busy in the port, and you can see trawlers unloading their catch on the quayside.

Look out too for:

  • Oil Refinery
  • Rockclimbers
  • More awful puns for shop names
  • Dry docks and repair yard
  • And look inside the glass-roofed pottery

It’s a pretty little hamlet; with lots going on today. George and Anna are getting married at the church on the hill, and the photographer is struggling to keep everyone in order. Perhaps the guests have been distracted by the house on fire behind him… Just down the road is the working fairground, and across the way, a steamroller is finishing off some roadworks. These must be Britain’s longest-running roadworks – the road has been shut since about 1983.

Look out too for:

  • Hanton Court maze (based on Hampton Court)
  • Country Club
  • Enid Blyton’s House, Green Hedges
  • Farmyard

In 2005 plans were drawn up to develop an area of fallow land plus that occupied at the time by the golf course. The comprehensive design included height variations, underground power and water supplies, sound and of course visitor walkways.

The buildings were researched with particular interest in local and regional architecture. Beaconsfield Twinning Association approached the village requesting a building be incorporated from our Twin Town of Langres, France. Thus the Town Hall became Langres Hotel de Ville, depicted in historic french style.

The New Town was formally opened in 2018, although there had been a previous visit from the Langres Twinning Association including the Lady Mayoress, who nearly came to tears when inspecting the Hotel de Ville.

Look out too for:

  • Underground Station
  • Funicular Railway
  • Iconic Art Deco Factory
  • Cinema
  • Cathedral
  • Many shops with their traditional Bekonscot Corny names

The noise of the morris men in the square is only drowned out by the rumble of approaching horses.

At Ascot Racecourse it is Race Day! See the ladies and gentlemen as they mill about the enclosures. Along the Top Road you’ll see Davenies School, the Manor House Hotel with its lawns, waterside chalet and waterfalls, and the garden centre too.

Look out too for:

  • The village green
  • The animated lady cleaning her windows
  • The hospital (based on Amersham Hospital) with its patients inside
  • The canal basin, warehouse and locks
  • Cablecars running up the Gorge every 3 minutes
  • Foxhunt across the fields (but don’t worry, our little fox has always outsmarted the riders!)

Epwood and Evenlode New Town run together these days. Evenlode New Town comprises dozens of little mining cottages, scattered on the hills around Evenlode Coal Mine. It’s a dark, damp corner of the Bekonscot District, and freight trains trundle along the cliff bases with loads of coal.

Look out too for:

  • The coal as it comes out of the ground
  • The archaeological dig
  • The “arts and crafts” and “art deco” 1920s style houses
  • The retirement home with its fountains
  • The petrol station and workshops
  • Polo Match, Epwood Castle and Bodger’s Yard