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We aim to give a fun and stimulating educational visit, whilst giving you the resources and peace of mind for a safe trip which will give you much to talk about in the classroom (and staffroom too).

Education packs are designed to give an insight to life in the 1930s and to fire the children’s imagination. The packs include work sheets with ideas for lesson plans including preview and follow-up work to be done in the classroom, and a comprehensive Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

Our souvenir shop has numerous items which can be pre-ordered.

School Resources

For our School Pack containing risk assessment, activity pack, and shop price list, please contact us on 01494 672919.

There is also a picnic storage shed, play area, toilet facilities, tea room, covered and open picnic areas.

To help increase our car parks capacity, coaches are now requested to “set down” or “pick up” only, more information on coaches can be found here.

School party rates 2017

£6.50 per child with adults free on a ratio of 1:5.
Additional adults over and above the ratio will be charged at £6.50 each.

This ratio is inclusive of carers.


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